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Image Number: 3
Year: 1973
Coach Builder: Crescent Ambulance
Chassis Builder: Dodge
Vehicle Retailer: Crescent Ambulance
Image Category: Ambulance - Van Hitop
Town/City: Saskatoon
Province/State: SK
Country: Canada
Unit Number: 00000.03 A
Image Price: $5.00

Crescent Ambulance Care

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We built this ambulance for our own ambulance service to replace our 1968 Cadillac. We purchased two new Dodge vans at the same time (one a 1973, the other a 1974) from Chrysler's vehicle pool in Winnipeg. The vans were suitable for ambulance conversion with one exception: they were one-ton chassis equipped with big 16 inch truck tires. We intended to soften the ride by changing to radial tires, but discovered radials were not available for 16 inch wheels. So we had to purchase 15 inch stock car racing wheels designed to fit 6 stud hubs, and on which we could then install smooth riding radial tires. There were no wheel covers that would fit our stock car wheels, so we painted the wheels silver. As a result, these ambulances always had a bit of a rebel appearance.

In 1975 this ambulance was sold to the hospital in Outlook SK.