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Column 00H

Ambulance / EMS Associations

An incomplete list of Canadian and USA Ambulance/EMS Associations.

Canada Formed Image #

The Canadian Ambulance Association 1945 19308
(Doubtful this association ever advanced)

Alberta Ambulance Operators Association 1969 06661
(Dissolved in 2009)

Manitoba Ambulance Assn. (Jamieson, Glenboro)

Manitoba EMT Association 1978 19216

Ambulance Operators Association of Nova Scotia 1969
(Dissolved in 2002)

Newfoundland Private Ambulance Operators Assn. 1991

Newfoundland & Labrador Community Ambulance Operators Assn.

PEI Ambulance Operators Association 1991

Saskatchewan Road Ambulance Association 1959 03420
(Evolved into Saskatchewan EMS Association)


Ambulance Association of America 1971 17706

American Ambulance Association 1964 12725

Arizona Ambulance Association 1991

Arkansas Ambulance Association

California Ambulance Association 1948

Connecticut Ambulance Association 1966 19654

Illinois State Ambulance Association

Indiana EMS Association

Kansas EMS Association

Metropolitan Ambulance Association of Illinois 1965 19646

Maine Ambulance Association

Minnesota Ambulance Association 1960

Missouri EMS Association 1983

National Association of EMTs 1975

National Association of State EMS Officials 1980

North Dakota EMS Association 1976 14591

Ohio Ambulance Association 1964 19644

Oregon State Ambulance Association 1965 19650