EMS Classics is a feature column I write for Canadian Paramedicine.

It is my attempt at giving the younger generation who work in EMS today, a snapshot into the history of ambulance service.

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1978 Crestline Chev, Parkland Ambulance, Prince Albert SK

Photo Peter Adsten Column

Crestline ad July 1978

Photo Peter Adsten Column
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Column 03 June/July 2006

Canadian Emergency Services News - Inaugural Issue

If you wanted news about the EMS industry prior to 1978, you had to subscribe to an American publication. Canada did not yet have its own EMS magazine.

At Crestline we recognized that Canadian ambulance services as well as Canadian suppliers such as ourselves needed a Canadian publication. We approached Harald Gunderson of Calgary regarding this void in the industry and after numerous meetings he was convinced to meet this need. We supported his new business by agreeing to purchase full page back cover advertisements, and providing him with the mailing addresses of the 1,450 ambulance services operating in Canada at the time.

Shown here is the ad that appeared on the back cover of Canadian Emergency Services News, Volume 1 number 1, issued July 1978. The featured ambulance was a 1978 Chevrolet Medivan 301, a top of the line model we had manufactured for Wayne and Barry Dutchak of Parkland Ambulance in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

Who would have thought the magazine would still be informing EMS personnel about Canadian issues 29 years later?

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