Article 05 October/November 2006

The Professional Car Society

Have you ever wondered what happened to all the old ambulances of yesteryear? Well, the sad truth is most of them went to the crusher after they outlived their usefulness. Some are still around today as collector's vehicles, and are listed in the membership roster of The Professional Car Society (The PCS).

The PCS was founded in 1976 as a nonprofit club dedicated to the preservation and appreciation of vintage ambulances, hearses, and limousines with passenger-car styling (also known as professional cars). Currently there are more than 1,000 members and 26 chapters in The PCS. The ambulance side of the hobby is well represented by old-timers like me who fondly remember starting their career in one of these beautiful old vehicles.

The PCS publishes a quarterly magazine and holds an international meet each summer. This annual event draws professional vehicles of every make, model and description and is the highlight of the professional car lover's year. The adjoining photo shows some of the more than 100 professional cars attending the 1988 Chicago meet.

Professional car owners enjoy showing their unique vehicles to the public, be it for parade duty, as a prop in a movie, or simply cruising through their local A&W. I have found my old ambulances to be a magnet for attracting attention both from youngsters (who invariably refer to the vehicle as "Ghostbusters") as well as those over age 50 who fondly recall when these vehicles were in daily use in their community.

Membership in The PCS is $30 in US funds. Visit the new Official Website of the Professional Car Society at

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1974 Miller-Meteor Cadillacs at 1998 Chicago PCS meet

Photo Peter Adsten Column

1956 Miller Cadillac

Photo Peter Adsten Column